Insurance is Too Expensive

At what point did insurance become part of the problem, instead of the solution? Over time, having insurance for your employees has gone from being a necessary precaution, to a necessary evil. No one knows this more than Mitchell Insurance. That’s why we’ve created a new approach to health insurance – one that puts you in control of your premiums: Health 180.

It’s Time For a Health 180

Health 180 is an insurance co-op plan. Instead of sending your premiums into a void, they are pooled with other regional businesses. Together, your pool is large enough to self-fund the entire group. In addition, Health 180 comes with built-in tools that help you manage claims and lower costs. And most importantly, you know exactly where and how your insurance money is spent. There’s even a chance that some of your money will be refunded back to you at the end of the year.

A Closer Look at Health 180

As a member of Health 180, you are connected to several tools that help you manage your health coverage. Traditionally, these services are handled directly by your insurance provider. As a self-funded co-op, you work directly with companies for things like claims management and cost negotiation.

In 2005, prescription spending was 12% of all healthcare dollars. In 2015, it was 26%.

LDI Integrated Pharmacy Services

Health 180 has partnered with LDI Integrated Pharmacy Services to offer members a cost-effective way to meet prescription needs. With LDI, you can save on premium drugs, and receive prescription rebates on a quarterly basis. LDI is a single source provider that will help you cut down on inflated drug spending.

49-point preventive screenings can avoid millions of dollars in potentially avoidable claims.

GuidingLife Preventive Health Services

One of the most overlooked aspects of health insurance is prevention. Modern healthcare is an ambulance waiting at the bottom of a cliff when it should be a fence at the top. GuidingLife is your fence. With its 49-point advanced biometric screening, GuidingLife aims to catch serious heart, liver, kidney, blood, respiration and nutritional health problem early – when treatments are most effective (and cost effective).

HealthScope Benefits can save employers over 80% on Kidney Dialysis Management alone.

HealthScope Claims Management

In a way, healthcare is on autopilot. Prices are often not negotiated. Expensive tests and procedures are not vetted. And most importantly, health needs are not assessed proactively. The result is countless healthcare dollars wasted – all due to a lack of scrutiny. HealthScope will audit claims on your behalf, ensuring you get the best price and best care. They are experts in evaluating common high-cost claims, including diabetes management, cancer treatment, kidney dialysis and others.

Members also have access to the Aetna/First Health and Healthlink networks, which include over 1 million participating doctors and 8,000 hospitals.

SoutheastHEALTH and Missouri Delta Medical Center

Health 180 members receive exclusive pricing from the SoutheastHEALTH provider network, as well as the Missouri Delta Medical Center. As part of their First Option Health Plan, Health 180 members receive an instant savings of up to 20% on healthcare services from participating hospitals, clinics and physicians.

In 2014, members saved 17.5% compared to traditional insurance premiums.

Roundstone Re-Insurance

Roundstone is your safety net against catastrophic claims. Your risk is capped, so if disaster strikes, you’re only liable for a portion of the claim. That’s what re-insurance is: insurance for the self-insured.

Common Questions

How are premiums paid?

Every month, your money is pooled together with premiums of other employers in your Health 180 group. At any given time, you can know the value of the pool and the claims currently being filed against it. The level of transparency and control over your health insurance dollars is unprecedented.

Do I actually get my money back?

It depends on a few factors, but yes, it is possible to receive a portion of your insurance premiums back at the end of the year.

How do I use Heath 180?

You and your employees use Health 180 just like any traditional insurance plan. You will have an insurance card to use at the doctor’s office and will receive an EOB for services rendered. The difference, however, is that you more control over the claims process, including the ability to negotiate prices, question expensive services and more.

Why do I have to go to SoutheastHEALTH or Missouri Delta?

SoutheastHEALTH and Missouri Delta are exclusive partners of Health 180. In exchange for lower prices on health services, they become a preferred provider for all Health 180 members. They get more patients, you get more savings.

How risky is Health 180?

Actually, it’s not very risky at all! Employers should never plan for the worst case scenario, as this can prevent them from realizing year-over-year savings that can greatly impact the bottom line of their operations. And if something catastrophic does occur, your risk is capped. Think of it like an insurance deductible.

Will my premiums go up next year?

Your premiums are set by a number of factors, but the biggest factor is the average cost of healthcare for your pool. Pools with engaged and aware employees will have fewer claims and less expensive care. This helps keeps your year-over-year costs down compared to traditional insurance, which bases pricing off all employees in a region, young and old, sick and healthy alike.

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